If you are a successful trader and you wish to expand your investment horizons, AMarkets will help you to build your own business without any restrictions.

Become a PAMM Manager, bring in capital and earn a lot more, getting management fees and partner’s remuneration based on the total trading volume.

PAMM-service at AMarkets is your own investment "turnkey" fund without any costs or risks.

PAMM Manager’s advantages


    Your trades are protected from copying, thanks to a special reporting system for investors.


    Attract investors to your strategy and get management fees in addition to a stable income as Partner’s remuneration from trading volume.


    To start working as a Manager you need just $300 on your account.


    Trading conditions and profit distribution terms are defined by the PAMM Manager.


    Managers’ trading strategies will be displayed in our PAMM rating, where success becomes the best way to attract capital. Besides, you can attract Partners, who will attract Investors to your strategy for the part of your management fee. You set the amount of the fee by yourself.


1. Create Investor’s Account  

Open Investor’s account by completing online application

2. Fund your Investor’s Account  

Fund your investment account with the minimum of $300. You can do that by internal transfer from your existing account at AMarkets or by making deposit using one of the available deposit options.


How to attract investments?

  • First of all – Excellent Track Record.
  • Work with potential investors within AMarkets' community, as well as on independent blogs and forums.
  • Cooperate with partners to attract investments.
  • Participate in various, independent account manager contests.

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