Frequently Asked Questions – PAMM

Who is Manager?

Manager is an independent private trader with financial markets trading experience. His/her trading results are confirmed in our online PAMM Rating. It’s very important to understand that we can show you and analyze only previous result, which doesn’t guarantee future income.

How to become a PAMM Manager?

To become a PAMM Manager you should fill the application. After your application is processed and approved by investment department, your account will be activated. The trading statistics of this account will be available in open access and you can start trading.

What is the PAMM Rating and what do I need it for?

PAMM Rating is a list of investment accounts sorted by specific criteria such as profitability, drawdown and other parameters. This gives Investors full representation about Managers.

What is PAMM Manager’s offer?

Manager’s offer is a manager’s terms of business, such as manager’s fee, profit distribution times and minimum investments amount.

How to choose PAMM Manager?

Investors should decide themselves what Manager to go with. AForex provides investors with a powerful PAMM Rating, that allows investors to see major managers’ performance in real time, as well as their terms. Remember, our investment department is always ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

What does Manager’s profit consist of?

Manager’s profit and its calculation are described in the Manager’s offer. Generally, Manager’s profit is a percentage of total account profit previously agreed with the Investor for a certain period of time.

How to close strategy and withdraw funds?

To close a strategy Manager should choose “Close” option in the investment section in his personal account area. After that the mutual settlement procedure with the Investors (if any) will be started. So the Manager’s funds will be transferred to his wallet.

What happens to Investor’s funds when Manager closes his strategy?

After the strategy is closed, Investors’ funds go back to their wallets. The amount of transferred funds is directly dependent on Manager’s trading results achieved before strategy closing.

Can Manager withdraw his funds after Investors join?

Manager’s funds are the guarantee of the solid responsibility for the trading results. As long as the strategy is active the invested funds must stay in the strategy. To withdraw it, the Manager should apply for closing the strategy first and settle with his investors.

When and what funds can Manager withdraw?

Manager is able to withdraw profit, commissions and rewards only.

How often/when is the information about PAMM Accounts renewed?

The information in renewed daily at 2:20 GMT. The information in the Manager’s or Investor’s account is renewed hourly.

Who is an Investor?

Investor is a client, who doesn’t want to make trading decisions by himself, but to use experienced trader’s strategy.

How to open an Investor’s account?

To open an Investor’s account you should fill out account application here.

How to fund an Investor’s account?

To fund Investor’s account you can use any of these ways.

How to start investing?

To start investing you should open an Investor’s account, fund it and choose a Manager. Then you should attach your account to this Manager, selecting the amount to invest.

What does Investor’s profit consist of?

The Investor’s profit is the account profit for the trading period, minus PAMM Manager’s reward.

How often is Manager’s reward calculated?

The Manager gets his reward in the end of every month.

How to withdraw funds from my Investment’s account?

To withdraw funds from the Investor’s account, you need to detach it from Manager’s account first. As soon as it detached you can proceed with funds withdrawal..

Is Investment’s account safe?

By opening an Investor’s account you do not give your money to anyone. In fact, you just copying Manager’s trading activity. Money is kept in your Investor’s account always and only you have access to it. Investor can also set a maximum loss limit for every Manager he choose.

Can Investor set Stop Loss for common capital of his amount?

Yes, he can. You can set it in your account application or at the time of attachment to Manager.

How and when can Investor detach his account from Manager?

Investor can detach at any moment. All open positions will be properly closed and final calculations will be done.

Where can Investor see the statistic of his account?

Investor can see his account statistics in his personal account area.

Where can a Manager see the statistic of the investment accounts?

Manager can see the statistics of the investment accounts in his personal account area.

Where does Manager’s reward go?

Manager’s reward goes to a special trading account.

What is a planner?

Rollover it is a time (GMT +4) when clients’ deposits and withdrawals (attachment/detachment) are processed by PAMM Manager. Managers must set specific time when they’ll process investors’ requests and adjust their positions accordingly.

Should the Manager correct the amount of open trades depending on investors’ deposits/withdrawals ?

Manager must monitor his positions’ sizes in PAMM account and adjust them during rollover, accordingly to investor’s withdrawals and deposits.

How to adjust my positions in case of Investor’s deposit?

During the rollover you should adjust the positions considering new investments. In case of deposit the Manager should increase his position size. The necessary amount can be calculated as: (Investment amount / PAMM Account Equity) × Lots.

How to adjust the amount my positions in case of Investor’s withdrawal?

During the rollover you should adjust the positions considering new investments. In case of deposit the Manager should decrease his position size. The necessary amount can be calculated as: (Investment amount / PAMM Account Equity) × Lots.

How to change a type of Manager’s account?

Manager always can change a type of account by submitting request in private account area.

Can Manager set a minimum Stop Loss level, that Investor can use?

Yes. Manager can do that during the strategy registration and approval process.

Can Manager change a period of fund distribution and management fee after creating a strategy?

Yes, he can. The Manager can change it by submitting an application to e-mail. The changes will come into effect after current period is over.

How to detach from Manager’s strategy?

To detach from Manager’s strategy, Investor should send a request via private account area. Once request is processed, invested funds, including profit or loss will be deposited to investor’s wallet..

Can Manager use a counselor during his trading?

Yes, he can. The Manager can use a counselor.

What happens to strategy if Manager hides it?

The strategy hiding doesn’t affect Manager’s trading or current investors. The strategy becomes unavailable for new investment and it is hidden from PAMM Rating.