Mirror Trader: The Copy -Trading Platform

The Mirror Trader platform fully implements the idea of social trading; employing this idea, a trader makes money on the forex market by using both his own strategy and by copying the strategies of others.

How Does Mirror Trader Work?

The strategies presented for copying on Mirror Trader are based on trading algorithms. Professional traders, the providers of strategy on the platform, develop algorithms to place orders on financial instruments based on quantitative and technical analysis of the market.

Future providers are meticulously selected by Mirror Trader developers, and their strategies are tried in real market conditions for several months. After continued monitoring, a strategy is then adopted in the platform. The Mirror Trader team constantly monitors the effectiveness of the strategies in order to maintain high quality algorithms.

In effect, the investors get a potent algorithmic trading system versatile enough for individual customization, which, due to the intricacy of development, is only available basically to banks and hedge funds.

Mirror Trader – is the ideal solution for those who:

  • Prefer high-performance work

  • Value trading innovation and automation

  • Strive towards obtaining high results in the financial markets

  • Aim at maximum incorporation of the know-how and experience of the professionals

How to Use Mirror Trader

Within the platform, you may select a single strategy for copying, or collect several strategies into a single portfolio where each trading system complements another. The platform interface offers two modes of strategy search, quick and advanced. Quick search, finds you strategies based on the degree of risk and the suitability for the current market conditions. On the other hand, advanced search allows you to specify the search for trading instruments, trading period, number of orders, profitability indicator and other parameters.

Each strategy provider presents a complete data package that will allow you to fully evaluate the strategy before copying. You can analyse the strategies directly on the terminal by indicators such as profitability, activity and risk level. You can also run tests on the history data and review the results of each strategy in market conditions. The provider’s profiles provide additional information on the strategies: efficiency graph, Pips, T-account and the total number of orders. As data on strategy is available from the time the strategy is created, you can choose different time intervals for analysis.

Mirror Trader Advantages

  • Reduced influence of the ‘human factor’

  • Money deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time

  • There are 3 modes for copying strategies

  • The copy conditions are set by the Investor

  • All profit from the trades goes to the investor

Profitability of Mirror Trader Strategies

Today, Mirror Trader contains more than 300 lucrative strategies, in which profitability averages more than 80% for 12 months. The strategies of providers in Mirror Trader will perfectly suit those who seek high income from Forex.

To begin, simply open an account. No need to download or install the platform; it runs directly in the browser.

Please note that a minimal deposit of $100 is required to trade with Mirror Trader Platform.

Terms & Conditions for Using the «RoboX» and «Mirror Trader» Service
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