ACARD payment system guideline

November 11, 2021



You will be given a login and password to ACARD, a new system designed specifically to meet the needs of AMarkets Payment Agents. ACARD homepage looks like this:

ACARD system uses USD as the accounting currency. If you want to use a different currency, please contact your personal manager.

First deposit option – Perfect Money

1. Click «NEW» to create a deposit request.

2. Select the Perfect Money payment system and enter the amount you would like to deposit. Next, click «CREATE».

3. Follow the instructions.


Second deposit option – Transfer money from AMarkets to ACARD

Another way to deposit your account is to transfer your money from AMarkets wallet to your ACARD account:

1. Follow this link. Select any payment system.

2. Follow this link.

3. Select ACARD as your payment system. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from AMarkets to ACARD account:

4. Enter your ACARD ID.

5. Wait for the finance department to confirm the transfer. After the transfer is completed, you will see this transaction in the «Client Withdrawals» section.


Third deposit option – Manual

This deposit option allows you to top up your account using any payment system (including cash). Please contact your personal manager for more details.

Prepaid cards

Now you have the balance to issue PREPAID CARDS for clients.

e.g. you received money from a client and you want to give the client a PREPAID CARD for 1000 USD:

1. Go over to the «PREPAID CARDS» section and click «NEW».

2. Enter the desired amount and select how many cards you want to issue with this face value. Then click «CREATE».

3. Now that you have a new card, you need to tell your client the amount and the code.

4. The balance of your ACARD account will decrease for the stated amount.

5. When the client uses the prepaid card, the card status will change to «ACTIVATED». If you want to delete the card and get your money back to the account, click «SHOW» and then «CANCEL». This action is available only until your client activates the card.

This is the process of replenishing and issuing prepaid cards.


Client withdrawals

1. When the client wants to withdraw money using your services, you will receive the information about the client’s bank account and your balance will increase for the withdrawal amount.

2. You need to use this info to send money to the client:

  • Withdraw the money to your bank account and send it to the client’s bank details.
  • The agent can give the client their withdrawal in cash i.e. call, schedule a meeting, and hand out cash. In this case, the withdrawal amount will remain in the agent’s ACARD account.