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  • Symbol Suffixes in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader Trading Platforms

    Dear clients!

    When performing trading operations in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals, please take into account that some of the instruments are used with suffixes. We kindly ask you to use the symbol suffixes which correspond to your account type.

    After you’ve changed your account type, open a menu with the right mouse button click to the left of the chart in the “Market Watch” window and select “Show all”. When you do so, the list of symbols will expand. Use the instruments with the suffix that corresponds to your account type only.

    When changing the account type in the mobile version of the trading platform, tap on the plus sign in the upper right corner in the “Quotes” section, and select the instruments with the suffix that corresponds to your account type in the “Add symbol” window.

    Suffixes for FX instruments:

    • Suffix «с» on Fixed and Fixed Islamic accounts, e.g. EURUSDc
    • Suffix «b» on ECN accounts, e.g. EURUSDb
    • Suffix «d» on Standard Market accounts, e.g. EURUSDd
    • There’s no suffix on Standard and Standard Islamic accounts, e.g. EURUSD
    • Suffixes for CFD instruments:
    • Suffix «b» on all account types, e.g. EURUSDb

  • Are you hedging your trades?

    Yes we are. We utilize advanced technology to aggregate market liquidity, robust trading platforms and direct order routing mechanism, which is also known as an STP. You can find our current liquidity providers on our website.

  • Why different brokers sometimes show different quotes?

    There is no single platform where all brokers can perform their operations. The lack of common platform leads to the absence of one price. The differences in quotes isn’t usually that big. Minor differences may occur due to the fact that quotations are offered by various banks.

  • Where can I get acquainted with the main terms used in the international financial markets?

    You can get familiarized with the terminology with help of a special Dictionary on our website by following this link.

  • Why wasn’t my pending order executed to buy EUR / USD at 1.41200, because the minimum price on the chart fell to 1.41190?

    The thing is that on the chart in the trading platform, you see the selling price (Bid), and the buy order is executed at the buying price (Ask), which is greater than the selling price by the spread amount. Given that the average spread on EUR / USD is 1.3 points, your order will be executed when the chart reaches the mark of 1.41187.
    In order to set the Ask price line on the chart, you should:
    – select “Charts”, then “Properties” in the main menu of the trading terminal;
    – select the “General” tab and check box “Show Ask line” in the popup window.

  • How do I change Leverage size?

    When registering a trading account, the maximum available leverage is automatically assigned.
    If, after registering an account, you want to change the amount of the indicated leverage, then you should send a request to change the leverage in your account in the “Trading” – “Leverage change” section.

  • What is LEVERAGE?

    Leverage is the possibility to trade in international financial markets with an amount up to 1000 times more than your own funds. This means that with $5000 in account, you can place orders up to $ 5 000 000. At the same time, despite the use of borrowed capital, in case of a losing trade, you can not lose more money than you deposited. This is followed in our company by the dealer. What is the attractiveness of using leverage? Here is a simple example: You have $ 5000 on your account. You use a leverage of 1: 100 (max 1: 1000) and buy 500,000 units of the USD / JPY pair. Option 1. The rate of USD / JPY during the day increased by 1%, and you get a profit of $ 5000, that is, double your deposit. Option 2. The rate of USD / JPY fell by 1% per day, and you get a loss of $ 5000, that is, you lose your deposit. Conclusion: leverage is huge financial power! Using leverage, you can quickly increase your capital, or you can lose it.

  • How can I view my account history?

    You can review your history of completed trades at any time. Click “Trading platform”, then select “View” ,then “Platform” and choose “Account History”.

  • Is it safe to trade via MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platform?

    All trades are strictly confidential and 100% safe and secure. For safety, all information transmitted between our servers and a trading platform is specially encoded.

  • I can’t download the trading platform from your website, what should I do?

    If you can’t download the trading platform from our site, please contact our Customer Support, or send an email with a request to send the installation file.