Partnership Programs

  • Got questions?

    Contact your personal account manager, his contact details are available in “Help” section of your Personal area or in the first welcome letter email, sent to your email immediately after registration as an AMarkets Partner.
    You can always contact us using the links on the website.
    Email us: or call: +442038086968
    We are always happy to help and answer your questions!

  • How do I start earning with AMarkets Partner programs?

    It is a very simple process:

    1. Register as a Partner, and choose your earning method as either an Agent or a Webmaster;
    2. Get familiarized with your personal account functionality and training materials, and discuss methods and possibilities of attracting clients with your personal manager;
    3. Start attracting customers, analyze statistics and results, receive your remuneration and spend it as you wish.
  • What methods of withdrawal are available for partners?

    Remuneration can be withdrawn via any convenient method available to your account. A full list of payment methods can be found on the official website of the company.

    Additional withdrawal terms:
    • for unverified accounts, the withdrawal of remuneration is possible only to a bank account;
    • the withdrawal of remuneration over $ 1,000 per month to electronic payment systems is available only if a Partner is verified;
    the commission for withdrawal of funds is credited to partners no more than once a month with withdrawals from $ 1,000 only for fully verified partners (account and payment system). Moreover, a verified partner can withdraw his remuneration commission free every second Wednesday of the month – the Company will reimburse withdrawal fees charged by a payment system, but only for the first transaction.

  • If my client becomes a partner will I receive remuneration from his clients?

    Yes, if you are an Agent (IB) of the company, as Webmasters do not participate in the multi-level reward system.

    Agents can earn not only from their clients, but also from the clients of second and third level Partners:
    • 15% from second-level partners’ remuneration.
    • 5% from third-tier partners’ remuneration.

  • What are the average conversion rates for opening and topping up accounts?

    Results can vary greatly, depending on the source and the partner’s target audience. Also, the partner’s landing page is of great importance in terms of prospective clients.

    Average for all partners:
    Registration – 7%;
    Funded accounts – 28%.

  • How is Webmaster’s remuneration calculated and paid?

    Webmasters receive fixed payouts based on two client actions:

    1. For each quality registration – from $5 per lead.
    2. For account activation – the payment amount depends on the client’s total Net deposit during their verification period (10 or 15 days depending on the Partner’s remuneration package) and can be up to 500 USD per clients.

    Remuneration is paid if a client achieves a minimum trading turnover, calculated as follows: 0,01 lot from each deposited 1 USD (Net Deposit). If the required turnover hasn’t been achieved within 3 months after the client’s first deposit, the Company has the right not to grant any commission payouts for such client.

    Net deposit of the customer = All deposits – All withdrawals (Except for profit – only own funds)

    Remuneration is credited immediately upon confirmation of the client’s payment upon passing the verification procedure.
    The Сompany has the right to extend the period of client’s verification, if it is not established initially, in order to make a final decision on payment in favor of the partner. This can happen for the following reasons:
    • the client does not communicate with the manager;
    • the client did not verify their account;
    • there are justified reasons to believe that there are registration arrangements between the client and the partner in order to receive remuneration.

    All Partner information can be found in their Personal area, including the progress and status of client’s verification.

  • Remuneration conditions

    The Agent’s remuneration becomes available for withdrawal after he attracts his third active customer (a customer who has deposited his account with his own funds and made at least one trade).

  • How is Agent (IB) remuneration calculated and paid?

    AMarkets shares a part of its income with Agents, generated as a result of attracted clients’ trading activity: after a trade is closed on a client’s account, the system automatically calculates their trading volume (measured in lots) and multiplies it by the rate (measured in US dollars), which depends on the client’s account type and specific instrument.

    Let’s look at a simple example:
    A client traded 5 lots on a “Classic” account. The Partner who attracted this client has Platinum account status, which in monetary terms is $15 from 1 lot.
    The total amount of remuneration using a simple formula is:
    5 lots * 15$ = 75$
    Remuneration will be credited to the virtual wallet of the Partner’s personal account the day after the client registered trading operations on their account.
    Details on remuneration rates for each instrument and type of account can be found in Personal area.

    The rate of partner’s remuneration is progressive and depends on the total trading turnover within the calendar month:
    • Silver Status — up to 100 lots per month;
    • Gold Status – from 101-300 lots;
    • Platinum Status – from 300 lots and higher

    In addition, Agents can earn not only from their clients, but also from the clients of second and third level Partners:
    • 15% from second-level partners’ remuneration.
    • 5% from third-tier partners’ remuneration.

    This is a great opportunity to make profit with AMarkets.

  • If a client opens a new account, will the partner receive remuneration from it?

    At AMarkets, a client, once assigned to a Partner’s Group by the account (client’s email), will have all his new trading accounts also assigned to the same Partner’s group, and therefore, the Partner will receive remuneration from all his client’s accounts.
    Thus, the Partner doesn’t have to worry about losing the client over time and the Partner can be sure that he will receive remuneration throughout the entire period of the client’s trading with the company.

  • Are there any expiration dates of partner’s markers?

    AMarkets does not impose limits on the lifetime of “cookies”, so they will remain active until the client himself clears their browser history.
    This is an additional advantage of our Partnership program, which prevents Partners from losing their clients who didn’t immediately register for some reason.
    Removal of Partner tags can occur automatically within the framework of scheduled operating system clean up by means of special software that the client can use, so the most reliable way to send a potential client to your Partner group – is via registration with a promotional code.