Trader’s Library

“People say, just 8 books are necessary for a man to read in his life. What books exactly? In order to find out, one should read about fifteen thousand of volumes”

We permanently search for these 8 books. But as is seems to us, we have already found some of them. If you wish to better comprehend financial markets’ specifics, our books would be of use for you.

In our library we keep only the books we read ourselves. Each book has its own history and, undoubtedly, left a mark on our perception. They are truly inspiring!

We advise you to read them. You will be pleased!

Larry Williams

“Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading”

Steve Nison

“Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques ”

Richard Smitten

“World’s Greatest Stock Trader”

Nassim Taleb

“Fooled by Randomness”

Jack Schwager

“New Market Wizards”