5. How the Platform Works

  • Carrying out trades in the MetaTrader4 trading platform

    Tutorial for MetaTrader 4 Web

    1. Log In

      In order to start using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform you have to log in to your demo or real account with the information you received in the registration letter.

    2. Market review

      All information about the currency pairs available for trading is presented at the “Market review” window. Right-click a pair and choose “Show All” to see all available currency pairs.

    3. How to open a new order?

      Right-click a pair and choose “New Order” to open a new buy or sell position.

    4. How to close an order?

      Right-click your opened order and choose “Close Order” to finalize the deal.

  • Function capabilities of MetaTrader4 trading platform

    Tutorial for MetaTrader 4 Web

    1. Charts

      You can see all information about the quotations and changes of the market prices on the “Chart” window. There are a lot of different settings for this window: timeframes, three chart types (bars, candlesticks and lines). You can also point out all important moments on the chart window by placing horizontal, vertical and trend lines.

    2. Terminal

      There are two sections on the “Terminal” window: “History” and “Journal”

      “History” section presents the detailed financial information about the operations on your deposit.

      “Journal” section presents the log information about all actions that were carried out during the last session.