I. First Steps

The Education section contains tutorials that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Forex market and get the feel of making basic transactions with foreign currencies. In order to maximize convenience of your studies all materials in the website section are provided in a certain order.


What is Forex? Find out how the international foreign exchange market functions from the unique film, which is part of our Forex-education course.
How to derive profit from Forex? How do Forex traders make their profits by buying and selling currencies? How much does a Forex trader earn? Find out more about the opportunities online-trading provides.
Trying it yourself Try to sell or buy dollars by yourself. Choose one of the probable price movement trends and try to derive profit from it.
Open a demo account Open a demo account and obtain access to educational trading in the Forex market. You will be able to trade in Forex under real market conditions, while investing exclusively virtual funds. This service perfectly suits beginners.


How is the trading platform operated? Learn to open and close trades, set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, utilize other functions of the platform from our educational video guide.
Download a trading platform Trade anywhere and anytime it's convenient to you, just download a trading platform to your personal computer or mobile phone.


How to predict the market’s behavior? Get to know the scope of the market forecasting and the most popular analysis methods utilized by traders as they work. The profit you derive from Forex depends on how accurate your market forecasts are.
Fundamental analysis Learn to predict the Forex market’s behavior by analyzing news and conjecturing outcome of events in the world of economics.
Technical analysis Will the dollar rise of fall? Learn to guess a probable trend judging by a price chart.


How to determine a deposit amount? The deposit amount depends directly on financial goals you set as you operate in the market. First of all decide for yourself, how much you wish to earn in Forex. Determine an optimal size of your account deposit.
Open a trading account Open a trading account to get access to opportunities of profit extraction the international foreign exchange market provides! We wish you successful trading!

Forex for beginners

What is Forex? The title is comprised of two words FOReign Exchange. In practice, the Forex market is the place, where foreign currencies are continuously exchanged by making transactions via specialized trading platforms. The market is active around-the-clock from Monday till Friday, and trading is available from any corner of the World with a computer and the Internet-connection. Income from Forex trading allows you to independently plan your own time. Most of newcomer-traders wonder: “Is it possible to make profit in Forex?”. From the “Forex for beginners” section you will learn how to derive profit from Forex, what analysis methods exist. You will also get familiar with the trading platform and master market forecasting.

Is it possible to make profit in Forex?

The Forex market provides truly impressive opportunities for deriving of profit. During our Forex-related workshops we provide the audience with actual examples of phenomenal capital augmentation in financial markets. Moreover, the library of AForex keeps plenty of books telling stories of outstanding traders, who knew how to earn a fortune in Forex. One of the records was established in 1987 by American trader Larry Williams, who turned initial capital of 10 thousand USD into more than 1 million USD in just a year (i.e. returns on investment is 11000% annually). This is perfect example of Forex trading that lets achieving brilliant results.