11. Open Trading Account

We invite you to make the next step in Forex trading education – open a trading account..


Of course, you can test the previously obtained knowledge concerning trading platform operation, forecasting methods and making trades using a demo account, but these skills are insufficient for successful trading in the market.

The psychology of trading with real money involved differs significantly from demo trading, which is not stressful at all. Generally, our emotions turn out to be the most dangerous enemies in financial markets. In order to learn controlling your emotions in the Forex market we advise you to open a trading account and start trading using minimum lot volume and a small leverage for your first trades. Limit your potential losses using Stop Loss orders.

Remember, at this time it’s more important to achieve success in terms of deposit percentage increase than to gain a huge profit. Financial markets provide opportunities to derive profit at any moment of time, thus, now you should learn to achieve stable profit using a minimum trading lot volume to be able to repeat the result on a large scale!