10. How to Determine a Deposit Amount

Today there are virtually no limitations regarding a deposit amount you may use in the Forex market. In order to independently decide on the size of your account, first of all, it’s necessary to define financial goals you set in the market. As a matter of fact, your expectations regarding profit correlate directly to a deposit amount you plan to use to achieve your aims.

The relation between your initial deposit and your financial goals depends on a risk level you are willing to accept in your trading. For instance, with a small credit leverage you might anticipate monthly profitability of 20 -30 percent of your deposit.

In case you choose to start trading in the Forex market with a small deposit, it’s important for you to understand that any wrong decision might lead to loss of the whole deposit. If you work with a small deposit and wish to obtain substantial profit, you are forced to use large credit leverage and accept high level of risk, which leaves you virtually no room for a mistake.

Large deposit combined with a small leverage allows sustaining a series of lossy trades and achieving positive total results.

If you find it hard to define your financial goals in the Forex market and optimal deposit amount, please, consult your personal manager. In order to get consulted by your personal manager at AMarkets, please, register a trading account.