V. About CFD Trading

CFDs provide opportunity to derive profit not only from trading habitual currencies, but also from oil, gold, metals and stock indices. CFD or Contract for Difference allows a trader to derive profit from changing prices of securities, commodities or indices without possessing the underlying assets. A contract’s price precisely follows price of an asset it represents (underlying asset). If, for instance, stock index increased by 5% in a week, we can be sure that corresponding CFDs also increased by 5%. With the help of CFDs it’s equally easy to open both a short and a long position on an index. Trading Contracts for difference is a lot similar to trading stock or index futures, but you don’t have to open accounts on various markets, your account in AMarkets is enough.

Major stock indices and oil CFDs are available for trading directly via the client terminal of AMarkets. There is no need to wait for your order to be executed in the market, no need to waste time on costly money and asset transfers between accounts and depositories.

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