Economic Calendar

Latest Forex Events

Stay informed about all the changes in the financial market! The Forex economic calendar of will help you navigate the flow of important news and meetings of monetary authorities.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, analysis of this information will make the patterns that affect the movement of exchange rates obvious. You can see this right now: open the trading terminal and see how the prices changed at the time of the news release. Use the free online calendar and Forex forecast from AMarkets to not only respond to market events with benefits, but also to prepare for each of them in advance.

The economic calendar of the Forex events classifies them according to importance and peculiarity to a certain country, reports the time of publication, the reporting period, the forecast of experts and real indicators. Please note that our Company’s calendar contains not only the dates when the Forex news is published, but also warns about national holidays, during which trading on certain instruments is closed.

All the information necessary for making a trading decision is always at your fingertips in the Forex market economic calendar. We strongly recommend that you also adhere to the rules of risk management for the best results.

AMarkets publishes information in real time. The Forex market economic calendar is not a guide for conducting operations in the market and is purely informative. Data in the economic calendar can be updated without prior notice.