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Example of a profitable trade made by an AMarkets client in the week from May 15 to May 19, 2023

May 22, 2023

The most profitable trade last week was the short selling of XAU/USD. The trader spotted the beginning of a downward movement and earned $16,980 by entering a short position of 10 lots.

SELL 16.05.2023, 17:29 ЕЕТ at $2005.67,
BUY 16.05.2023, 20:25 ЕЕТ at $1988.69.

Among the currency pairs, last week’s most profitable trade was the GBP/NZD short. The client accurately determined the beginning of a downtrend and turned in a $1,857.46 profit in four trading days by opening a short position of 1 lot.

SELL 15.05.2023, 05:24 ЕЕТ at 2.00922,
BUY 19.05.2023, 12:09 ЕЕТ at 1.97961.

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