Rollover on BRAComp, OIL.WTI, USOIL 14 August 2018

Dear clients!

Today, there is a change of delivery date for BRAComp, OIL.WTI, USOIL instrument. Clients who have open positions will be credited or debited with proper swap points amounts.

These are:

BRAComp -685 swap points for long position; 685 swap points for short position
OIL. WTI, USOIL 70 swap points for long position; -70 swap points for short position

Today, at the end of trading day BRAComp, OIL.WTI, USOIL underlying instruments will change their delivery dates. The current difference between prices of futures with consecutive delivery terms is:

BRAComp approx. 700 index points
OIL. WTI, USOIL approx. -0,64 USD

It means that if nothing occurs between today’s closing and tomorrow’s opening, open price for BRAComp, OIL.WTI, USOIL should be higher by given values. Change of position value connected with base change will be corrected by swap points equal to base value.

Clients with limit and stop orders close to current price are kindly requested to adjust their position to changes in base value. Otherwise, stop and limit orders will be executed according to standard procedure.