Main trading ideas on financial markets for 12.10.2018


The United States dollar showed its weakness against majors Yesterday, while risks of a trade war between USA and China are increasing day by day. However, there is one pair, which is ready to rise after 3 days falling. US dollar showed bearish correction against Swiss Frank on this week after fast uptrend movements. Now the pair is consolidating at 0.99 level.

The Cayman indicator gives strong bullish signal regarding its data: only 20% of buyers. We recommend resume buying the US Dollar against Swiss Frank at current price with Take Profit at 0.9980 level.

British Pound is moving against US dollar in short-range for last 10 hours above 1.32 level. The pair grew yesterday, as we expected. Now we have 40 points profit, Take Profit is setting at 1.33 level.

Ethereum Classic

Yesterday’s trading session was marked not only by a significant fall in the stock market, but also in the cryptocurrency market. Most of the top-10 coins fell by 10%. It gives us a good opportunity to resume buying at a reduced price.

Ethereum Classic is testing 9.27$ support level and it looks like sellers can’t move lower. There is low volumes on the market today, that is why we are ready to buy Ethereum Classic at current price at least to 10$ per coin.

Our targets for,
USDCHF – is buying to 0.9980 level
Ethereum Classic – is buying to 10$ level