Main trading ideas on financial markets for 04.10.2018


The Brent Oil has been growing for last 10 days. Brent has risen almost 20% from its most recent lows in August. The sentiment was created by the last deal to salvage NAFTA as a trilateral pact between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, rescuing a $1.2 trillion a year open-trade zone.

More fundamentally, oil markets have been pushed up by looming U.S. sanctions against Iran’s oil industry, which at its most recent peak this year supplied almost 3 percent of the world’s almost 100 million barrels of daily consumption.


At the end of the Monday trading session, Ethereum slightly fell. The advantage still remains on the sellers side. Currently, the price is testing 50-period moving average above and the middle Bollinger band, which can talk that bears hold the cards. According to technical indicators, there is a side trend with partial buyers dominance on the ethereum chart, which arose as a result of the correction in the European session Monday, that is why we are also considering entry points for sell from $ 230 resistance and $ 224 support while maintaining the relevance of the previous ones.

So, our targets for:
UKOIL – is buying to 88$ level
ETHUSD – is selling to 200$ level