Main Trading Ideas on Commodity and Stock Market for 12.07.2018


The US Dollar showed strong growth against major currencies yesterday. It happened after the latest U.S. economic data had confirmed expectations that the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates two more times this year. At the same time, British Pound continues falling as a lack of positive Brexit keeps bearish expectations on the GBPUSD pair.

As we expected, the pair decreased yesterday to 1.32 level. On Tuesday, we sold GBPUSD at 1.3280. Now we have almost 80 points profit. We recommend closing position today at 1.32 or moving Stop Loss to breakeven. While the Cayman shows 72% sellers, we are ready to open new short positions from 1.33-1.34 levels.


The Australian Dollar lost almost 100 points against US dollar on yesterday trading session. The pair was one of the weaker currencies after United States decided to impose tariffs on an extra $200 billion worth of imports from China. As a result, the Australian dropped to a new weekly low of 0.7360, while the worries of the trade war continue to dominate over investor decisions.

The Cayman indicator shows 80% of buyers, that means the pair is in overbought zone. Despite the fact, that there is a bullish correction against downtrend on the hourly chart and considering MACD histogram data, we still believe in falling to 0.73 in the middle term perspective.

So, our targets for
GBPUSD – is selling at 1.33-1.34 levels
AUDUSD – is selling at 0.7460