Crypto technical analysis 31.08.2018

BTCUSD price chart - 31.08.2018


Trade signals:
Bullish: BTCUSD buy at $7250

Opportunity for long at $7250: BTCUSD grows and breaks $7122 resistance.

LTCUSD price chart - 31.08.2018


Trade signals:
Bullish: LTCUSD buy at $60
Bearish: LTCUSD sell at $57

Opportunity for long at $60: LTCUSD falls and rebounds from $58 support.
Opportunity for short at $57: LTCUSD falls and breaks $58 support.

ETHUSD price chart - 31.08.2018


Trade signals:
Bearish: ETHUSD sell at $280

Opportunity for short at $280: ETHUSD sell from current levels to get $250(market sell).