Safety of clients’ funds

Safety of our client’s funds is our top priority!

1. Clients’ funds are kept separately from company’s operating capital in the separate bank accounts.

2. Clients’ funds are only stored with the leading banks in several countries, providing the necessary diversification and off setting geopolitical risks.

3. AMarkets does not use client funds for proprietary trading or hedging operations.

4. To route clients’ orders to the market, we work exclusively with world-class prime brokers, that hold their funds in such banks as Barclays, Citi and Deutsche Bank.

5. AMarkets is a registered member of the Financial Commission, which oversees the activities of brokerage firms around the world and provide independent dispute resolution. Every client is protected by the Commission’s compensation fund for up to EUR 20,000, in case company refuse to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission.

6. AMarkets automatically liquidates open positions if client’s account balance falls below the required level of margin. This is a very important condition, used to protect the client from the negative account balance.

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