Autochartist Forex Signals for MetaTrader 4

Meet Autochartist - the world's best tool for graphic analysis! Autochartist saves time by continuously scanning financial markets and automatically alerting traders to actionable trade opportunities based on Chart Patterns, Horizontal Support and Resistance Levels, and Fibonacci Patterns.

How to use Autochartist Software?

It does all the detail technical analysis work for you. You will never Miss an Opportunity again, Autochartist will provide you with real-time trade opportunity alerts. No more guesswork in setting appropriate exit levels – Autochartist volatility analysis tool will help you to set instrument specific exits based on market volatility as well as help you to trade appropriate instruments by showing what instruments are moving in your time zone.

Autochartist is the precise navigator of trading opportunities, not just demonstrating the potential of most financial instruments, but also allowing to reveal all the existing figures of graphical analysis in time. All AMarkets customers can download Autochartist for free.

Platform types:

  • A special web-based platform is available in the trader's personal account.
  • In MetaTrader 4 – after installation of the plug-in.

Advantages of Autochartist software:

  • Trade in the web-interface or MetaTrader4 (after installation of the plug-in).
  • Real time graphic models, indicators, Fibonacci patterns and levels.
  • With a probability of 70%, the price will reach these levels.
  • Free download.
  • There is no additional commission in making transactions.
  • Automatic detection of support and resistance levels.
  • Suitable for use with binary options.
  • Statistics POWERSTATS – allows traders to analyze the price changes in trading instruments, the percentage of implementation of graphic models, assess risks and potential volatility.

If you do not have a trading account in AMarkets:

  • Go to the registration page and fill in all the fields.
  • In the personal account, replenish the trading account.
  • In the horizontal menu, select "Services - Autochartist".
  • Follow the further instructions.

If you have a trading account in AMarkets:

  • Go to the trader's personal account.
  • In the horizontal menu, select "Services - Autochartist".
  • Follow the instructions.
Trading signals "Autochartist" is a smart platform for technical analysis in the forex market, which monitors not only all the existing graphic models, indicators, Fibonacci patterns and levels in real time, but also notifies a trader of every trading opportunity that appears at the market. Using the service is incredibly simple. In a series of short webinars, we'll show you how to use the platform.


Trading signals Autochartist are a powerful tool that allows any trader to anticipate and respond to a change in the trend, support and resistance levels that form the basis for trading using price figures. To navigate in a better way while working with the Trading Signals platform Autochartist and get the great benefit from the signals by the figures, you first need to familiarize yourself with the main panels of the Trading signals Autochartist.

Search queries

One of the important steps in trading is editing the search queries to get signals by the shapes according to your preferences. The initial settings are an excellent start in order to start using the program. Most traders will use a slightly different settings.

Non-Trend Shapes

Non-trend figures are a powerful tool that allows you to benefit from indecisiveness or confusion in the market. Being aware of the time when the markets are in such an uncertain state is fundamental in order to know how to respond to the different key levels on the chart.

Trend figures

For all styles of trading, it is important to understand the trend in which the market is located. To get the maximum benefit from trading with the help of price figures, you need to know the strength and direction of the trend.


When a trader prepares for day trading, he often does not have a specific idea of ​​the style of trade that he chooses for this day. In addition to price figures and their quality indicators, the Trading Signals platform Autochartist also provides an analytical tool for traders that gives an idea of ​​the price movement for the Forex, the Futures market, the CFD for stock indices and stock markets. This information can be a valuable resource for traders in assessing the risk / profit ratio for each price figure, providing the trader with information on possible price movement forecasts, risk parameters, and time trends.