Crypto technical analysis for 14 november 2017


Trade signals:

Bullish: BTCUSD rebound from support $5600.

Bullish: BTCUSD broke level $6200.

Bullish: double bottom.

Opportunity for long at $6350: BTCUSD will rebound from $6200.

Opportunity for short at $5300: BTCUSD will break support $5430. 


Trade signals:

Bullish: DSHUSD rebounded from 38.2% Fibo.

Bearish: DSHUSD broke level $440.

Opportunity for long at $460: DSHUSD will break resistance $440.

Opportunity for short at $380: DSHUSD will break 38,2% Fibo.


Trade signals:

Bullish: LTCUSD rebounded from 50% Fibo.

Bullish: LTCUSD broke the trendline.

Opportunity for long at $62.80: LTCUSD will break resistance $61.50.

Opportunity for short at $55.80: LTCUSD will break 50% Fibo. 


Trade signals:

Bullish: ETHUSD broke level $316.

Bullish: ETHUSD broke the triangle.

Opportunity for long at $325: ETHUSD will rebound from support $316.

Opportunity for short at $284: ETHUSD will break support $292.