AMarkets Presents the Top-5 Successful Mirror Strategies for December

In today’s review, we will look at the 5 most successful strategies in Mirror Trader for December.

In the first place of our December ratings, is strategy Hooper, with an overall profit of 14623 points, trading XAUUSD. The maximum drawdown was at 908.1 points, which characterized this strategy as the most conservative and most profitable at the same time. A total of 27 positions were opened, with an overall T-score of 9.84 and more than 70% of them were profitable.

For December, Limit up is in the second place by profitability, with style based on swing-trading. In a quantitative ratio, the profit of this strategy was 9386.7 points. Among the 17 trades conducted, 6 of them were unsuccessful, and the remaining 11 gave this profit because of the fall in the dollar at the end of 2017. The T-score is 9.14 and it attracted the attention of 100 subscribers.

In the third place of the rating is Zinnia. Like the rest of the December leaders, this strategy profited from trading gold. In total, 31 trades were made on the XAUUSD pair for the month, with a profit factor of 2.9. At the same time, the profit for each trade averaged at 275.40 points. For December, this strategy showed a profit of 8532 points, and its T-score is 9.26.

DDFX Major Trend v8 scooped up the fourth place with an overall profit of 7993 points. The strategy achieved high results because of the number of open positions, which were more than those in other strategies – 39 in all. On average, each trade raked in a profit of 205 points.  The major half of the trades were quite profitable and the overall profit factor was 2.44, and a maximum drawdown of 2786 points.

And finally to round-up our rating of leading strategies is Gulbarga. It also failed to set itself apart from its predecessors in the traded instrument. Gold remains the main profit, but this strategy is characterised by the average length of a trade – almost 41 hours. The total profit was 7958 points, and out of the 25 trades, 60% were unprofitable, hence the fifth place in the rating.Despite these figures, the profit factor is 2.74 and T-score is 9.34, making it popular with 58 subscribers.