Trade Performance Analyzer

Introducing Trade Performance Analyzer - the new feature developed by AMarkets Risk Management team. This great tool will analyze all your trading activity and provide you with the detailed information about your trading strategy and its performance. You’ll always have complete and structured information about your trading in your My Account area.Check how effective your strategy is. See what your weaknesses. Adjust your strategy accordingly!
Monthly Analysis 1 Monthly Analysis 2 Detailed segment of data for each trading month for the entire account life. This section visualize your account gain dynamic, along with the structure of trading portfolio and contribution of each trading instrument in the total account gain. Besides that, this report will show your monthly turnover for each instrument coupled with average position duration.
Trading Account Monitor 1 Trading Account Monitor 2 Designed to analyze such things as; Gain, Drawdown and Leverage Dynamic for the entire account life and absolute risk indicators in the form of Maximum Account Load with corresponding Maximum Account Drawdown. Also, it will show your average account gain coupled with mathematical coefficients like Calmar Ratio and E-Ration, that shows your potential gain vs potential losses.
Trading Activity This section is gathering the information about all trades placed on the account, including current positions. Check your trades and orders without logging in to your MetaTrader 4 platform.
Account Load Indicator It’s like a speedometer in your car. It monitors your account load and warn you if are going too fast. It is braked down into three visual areas to show you three different levels of used leverage. Make sure you are always in the “green zone”, otherwise you are risking too much!