Follow the Forex Market Chart Movement Dynamics Online

The OTC foreign exchange market works constantly: when the Asian trading session ends, the European one opens, and then the deals are held within the framework of the American session. Therefore, quotations of currency pairs change constantly under the pressure of supply and demand, and all changes are fixed on the Forex charts throughout the day. You will be able to determine the current market situation, and conduct technical analysis by using forex charts to track the behaviour of prices, and based on the results, you will have an objective and weighted trade decision. To find out the emerging trends in the dynamics of pairs, the up-to-date data of forex charts will be of great help.

Fluctuation of Indices on AMarkets’ Charts

AMarkets presents a unique free tool, which not only works in real time and provides comprehensive information on the condition of the forex market in chart form, but it also allows you to track the actual changes in the most popular economic indices.

In addition, the currency chart allows you to monitor the dynamics of changes in different timeframes (from a month to 1 minute), scale fluctuations, change the appearance of Japanese candles and even compare changes in the prices of various trading instruments.