Analytics Tools

The website of the International Brokerage company, AMarkets, contains the most popular tools for analysing Forex and CFD markets, i.e indicators for assessing the sentiment of large market players, an online trading analyser, an economic calendar and Forex quotes.

Market sentiment indicators will come in handy in the assessment of the prospective balance of the forces of bulls and bears; with skillful interpretation of this data, you will be able to predict the subsequent movement of market trends. Our proprietary indicators are advanced tools of Forex analytics, which we constantly improve so that you can make an objective assessment of the market conditions, and use it to come to the right investment decisions.


On the very same site, you can track quotes for Forex instruments, metals, Indices, bonds and commodities. In the section with quotes, the buying and selling prices are displayed with their differences is a spread box, as well as their maximum and minimum value levels. The changes in the price of the instruments is calculated in points and percentages to save you time from calculations.

The economic calendar will tell you what important events will happen in the world and what impact they will have on the financial assets. The calendar of events can also be used as a forex analysis tool, as it helps to assess the fundamental background on the financial platforms.

Regardless of what analytical tools you use for forex trading, the irreplaceable assistant of all masters of the art of trading, is to analyse your own strategy. If you want to reach success in the financial markets, you simply need to scrutinize your actions in order to identify what actions and financial instruments do not bring you tangible profit. In the personal account on our site, you can use the trading analyser and get tailored recommendations to improve the results of the trading strategy.

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