Mr Martingale

Here is a list of technical indicators that are used in the EA:

  • Acceleration Oscillator (AC);
  • Accumulation / Distribution Index (A / D);
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI);
  • Bulls Power.

In addition to these indicators Adviser also uses and market volume (Volume). He looks as well as some technical indicators as a histogram, but it does not apply indicators.

In addition to built-in functions, based on technical indicators, the adviser said, how many were closed “bullish” candles, and how much “bear” on the last interval of 16 candles. And if there were more bullish candles, it increases the probability of opening of the transaction to buy if there were more bearish – something for sale.

Just advisor analyzes a longer period in the last 168 closed candles segments 4 candles, in order to determine what traffic on a given interval dominated by ascending or descending.

Another is to clarify that takes into account not only the bullish and bearish candles, but the number of previously opened positions on the purchase and sale. True, this statistic affects the probability of opening one or another position is not uniform, which allows an adviser with time to adjust to the current trading tool.

And it happens in the following way: the point is that some trading instruments are prone to any trends, ie. E. To an increase or a fall. Most often it affects the global trend, if it is up, then a shorter period is likely to be dominated by the rising motion and in time they will last longer. If the global trend is down, the traffic on small time frames will dominate downward.

It is clear that with frequent and prolonged upward movement adviser will often open transactions for the purchase and the longer the trend, the more he will do it. The same will occur over a long downward movement.

After advisor reviewed the recent changes in the market and determine the direction of opened deals, calculated by the method of trading lot Martingale, but the classic version, the increase of the lot is made only after a losing trade, and in this EA is done continuously regardless of the results last trade.

In addition, the advisor periodically not only increases the exhibition 2 times, but also reduces its also 2 times. It depends on the frequency, ie. E. In 8 Advisor built algorithms increase and decrease the trading position, and these algorithms are changed by turns from deal to deal. And sometimes it happens that the amount offered by lots is not increased at all, and it may take a few trades in a row.