Bulls V1

Trading system includes:

  • pattern on the chart “inner bar»;
  • «moving averages” – to determine the direction of the trend and trade accordingly;
  • definition of zones “overbought” and “oversold” on the indicator DeMarker;
  • trailing stop for each profitable trade position.

Advisor performs analysis and trading operations in the following order:

  • the robot analyzes the graph in real time and waits for the appearance pattern “inner bar»;
  • further two “moving average» SMA (70) and SMA (14), advisor to determine the presence or absence of an uptrend, by analyzing their relative position, and the line of SMA (14) should be above the SMA (70) and the closing price of the signal candle (inside bar) must also be above the SMA (70);
  • before the actual opening of trading positions, Adviser waiting line the DeMarker enter into their own “oversold»;
  • Then everything is simple, if the transaction is in the lucrative direction adviser first sets breakeven, and then starts trailing stop defined in the settings, but if the deal is in the negative, it is fixed in advance on an established stop-loss, WITHOUT WARRANTY any additional manipulation of the trading position or positions.