Bull Dozer

The strategy is designed to hourly chart EUR / USD and in its basic version uses two EMA with periods of 21 and 70, fast and slow, respectively. Awesome Oscillator indicator has no adjustable parameters and is therefore used as-is.

Advisor Bulldozer opens a deal to buy after the candle closes above the EMA (70), but the line of the EMA (21) is below the slow line. At this point, the indicator bars AO should be green for 8 columns in a row, no less, and the location of these columns with respect to the zero line, it does not matter.

Stop-loss is always installed at the same distance, namely 75 points. If after the deal was open bars AO indicator turn red for 6 pieces in a row, you must close the deal on the market, without waiting for the stop-loss. In addition, the advisor Bulldozer close an open position when a reverse trade signal, in other words, will change position.

In trading strategy Bulldozer are not used take-profit levels, but at a distance of 70 points from the entry point, the adviser covers half of the trading position, while the other half is closed, or the indicator AO or the reciprocal trading signal, or the stop-loss.