Back v1

The EA Back v1 uses buy limit and sell limit orders for trading. At 21:00 server time the Expert put Sell Limit order above opening price for 25 points. Lot size is 5% risk for trade. Expert also put three more Sell Limit order above each other with 5 points distance. The EA make same thing below opening price with Buy Limit orders. Take Profit for all pending orders set at the opening price and Stop Loss is set at a distance of 130 points from the next orders. 2 hours later after installation orders, Stop Loss orders permutated all triggered to breakeven. 4 hours after installation, all is not triggered orders are removed. Settings allow you to turn off the Advisor permutation Stop Loss to breakeven, as well as disable the built-in money management, without which the adviser will put an equal volume of trade orders, set in the same parameters. There you can set as a percentage of risk per trade.