WeeklyBreakout is an EA that trades only in the direction of the price channel breakout.nIt’s placing a Stop Order at the previous week lowest and highest price levels. In the new trading week starts within the last week price channel, EA will use two stop orders to enter the market. n

WOC modify 04

WOC_modify_04 opens trades calculating the price ticks in the necessary direction and with necessary speed. An average position duration time is about 2 minutes. Some of the major conditions, to ensure EA proper function are high-speed price feed and low spreads.


Forex Advisor TedGlobal is based on Stochastic and MACD. Using a fairly simple trading strategy, it is very reliable expert for trading on increased volatility and thin market as well.


The expert strategy was built in the way of reducing impact to news for GBP/USD, specifically in the asian session when news for this currency pair are not published and direction of the price moving is influenced by supply and demand only.


Expert adviser analyzes MACD and OsMA indicators for opening trades. It works by Buy Stop and Sell Stop while closing of positions occurs by Stop Loss or Take Profit.

Waddah Attar Win

Waddah Attar Win EA is a trading system that install grid of pending orders. As soon as pending order (buy or sell) is open, “Waddah Attar Win” delete sell or buy pending order. After profitable trade this EA install four same pending orders with the same lot size.


Expert Adviser opens buy position only if +Dl’s line is going to cross or higher the –Dl’s line. The sell position is opened in the opposite situation. Additionally, only one order can be opened per indicator’s line crossing. The new buy order can be stablished only when the backwards crossing occurred, at this point, an expert will be monitoring for an opening signal.

SV v1

The EA SV_v1 that identifies current market trend and searching for the right entry point into against trend following trade. As an indicator to determine the entry points the EA uses two Moving Averages – 14 MA smoothed average price, and the same 41 MA. The EA put Sell Stop orders if the minimum price over a period of 41 MA and maximum prices over a period of 14 MA. The EA put Buy Stop order if the price is less than the maximum MA with the period of 41 (smoothed, at average prices) and a minimum price is less than 14 period MA (smoothed, at average prices).

Swan 3MA

The use of three indicators moving average significantly increases the likelihood of timely trade opening.


The EA SWB Grid_AR is a trading system that identifies current market trend and opens trades against it. As soon as trade is open, this EA use the martingale method to generate profit. SWB grid_AR use Stochastic, Bollinger Bands and RSI to determine optimal entry points.


This Expert advisor shows good result on Daily timeframe and opens orders, basing on the MA and ADX indicators. It fixes orders by TakeProfit or TrailingStop. Average Directional Movement Index Technical Indicator (ADX) helps to determine if there is a price trend. It was developed and described in detail by Welles Wilder in his book “New concepts in technical trading systems”. The simplest trading method based on the system of directional movement implies comparison of two direction indicators: the 14-period +DI one and the 14-period -DI. To do this, one either puts the charts of indicators one on top of the other, or +DI is subtracted from -DI. W. Wilder recommends buying when +DI is higher than -DI, and selling when +DI sinks lower than -DI. To these simple commercial rules Wells Wilder added “a rule of points of extremum”. It is used to eliminate false signals and decrease the number of deals. According to the principle of points of extremum, the “point of extremum” is the point when +DI and -DI cross each other. If +DI raises higher than -DI, this point will be the maximum price of the day when they cross. If +DI is lower than -DI, this point will be the minimum price of the day they cross. The point of extremum is used then as the market entry level. Thus, after the signal to buy (+DI is higher than -DI) one must wait till the price has exceeded the point of extremum, and only then buy. However, if the price fails to exceed the level of the point of extremum, one should retain the short position. The Moving Average Technical Indicator shows the mean instrument price value for a certain period of time. When one calculates the moving average, one averages out the instrument price for this time period. As the price changes, its moving average either increases, or decreases.


The core of the EA SMA108 is simple trend trading system, based on two forex indicators. Crossing the moving average price with extra levels, which act as channels for the sliding lock in profits and the breakdown of session extrema under the certain conditions.

Spike Trader

Spike Trader is based on the idea of holding an open position until the retention Hold candles, or will not generate the opposite signal. When a new signal in the same direction, the new position is not open, and reset the timer candles have an open position that price spikes precede movement in the opposite direction of the burst.


Its strategy is based on sound mathematical calculation by which the adviser adapts market movements, which undoubtedly has many advantages and a good profit.

ReticoloFX Ring EUR-GBP-USD

Thus, when sideways advisor can keep open orders a few months, gradually increasing position. It does not matter where the price will move after the flat, in any case will make a profit.


The EA based on indicator Aligator In principle, Alligator Technical Indicator is a combination of Balance Lines (Moving Averages) that use fractal geometry and nonlinear dynamics. The blue line (Alligator’s Jaw) is the Balance Line for the timeframe that was used to build the chart (13-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved into the future by 8 bars); The red line (Alligator’s Teeth) is the Balance Line for the value timeframe of one level lower (8-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved by 5 bars into the future); The green line (Alligator’s Lips) is the Balance Line for the value timeframe, one more level lower (5-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved by 3 bars into the future). Lips, Teeth and Jaw of the Alligator show the interaction of different time periods. As clear trends can be seen only 15 to 30 per cent of the time, it is essential to follow them and refrain from working on markets that fluctuate only within certain price periods. When the Jaw, the Teeth and the Lips are closed or intertwined, it means the Alligator is going to sleep or is asleep already. As it sleeps, it gets hungrier and hungrier — the longer it will sleep, the hungrier it will wake up. The first thing it does after it wakes up is to open its mouth and yawn. Then the smell of food comes to its nostrils: flesh of a bull or flesh of a bear, and the Alligator starts to hunt it. Having eaten enough to feel quite full, the Alligator starts to lose the interest to the food/price (Balance Lines join together) — this is the time to fix the profit.


This Expert Advisor ”Shift” is based on the “method Puria.” For the right entry point into trade the EA uses the signal – move fast and slow MA in one direction and MACD crossing the zero line. In addition, it takes into account the slope of the fast movement MA. Trades closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss also using Trailing stop.


Work of ProfitGear is based on the using of analysis of the size of the current candle chart on which it is installed. It is advisable to use forex advisor ProfitGear on small time frames. The whole emphasis of EA is on sharp movements game of the market, where it turns to achieve a good profit.

Quant Strategy EA

This expert advisor has been designed to trade the EUR/USD currency pair exclusivel. The QuantStrategyEA attempts to identify those events exhibiting high levels of momentum in order to capture positions promising the maximum returns at minimum ris. The device activates about 2 pending orders per day on the expectations of breakouts. However, only about half of these potential opportunities evolve into real trades. A 35 pip Take-Profit is implemented for each active position supported by a volatility-based stop-loss that is double to triple the size of the Take-Profit. Stop-losses are always implemented as soon as a new position is activated, without exception, in order to provide optimum protection for your equit. The strategy has a proven record of generating a consistent win-to-loss ratio of just over 75%. The QuantStrategyEA can apparently operate equally well with any broker offering the MetaTrader 4 platform. In addition, this tool is not based on any Grid or Martingale strategies and does not include hedging or scalping.

RedWarrior v1

Expert RedWarrior v1 works with the next orders type: BUY, SELL, BUYstop, SELLstop and includes money management system by which the expert provides a high and stable profit. Expert RedWarrior v1 is protected from losses incurred due to the closure of the previous orders of SL by using Martingale method (increasing following order).


To open transactions with the help of expert RelativeR2 used many indicators by using certain digital filters. In addition, the analysis takes into account correlated with the chosen, currency pairs. At the same time, using money management, risks are moderate.

PipStrider V134 edu nodll

PipStriderV134_edu_nodII is created to ensure trading risks, related to a martingale trading strategy, using its unique risks balancing system – The Martingale Disrupter.


Expert Advisor Pipsi – it is scalper, which works without raising lots.


The algorithm of ProBot adviser is fairly simple and it is based on the evaluation of the acceleration in the price movement. That means, if the price got a certain acceleration, that it won’t stop at once and will be able to get the level of Take-Profit. Advisor, after the optimization may work with any currency pair on a time frame M15.

Profit Trend

The composition advisor Profit Trend includes indicators RSI, CCI, ATR, MA. Advisor makes trading with the help of variables data from these indicators. The strategy is also built according to the movement of an asset in the channel, where the minimum and maximum are defined by EA, and positions are opened on an asset rebounds.


Further, between the minimum and the current top draw fib line. Sell_limit point will be located at the level of 50%, the goal of 161%, and the stop loss on the value of a maximum of two points.

Persistant Anti

In the steady state current trend is likely to continue its movement. In the unstable regime for positive change is more likely to be followed by a negative, and the negative – positive.


Phoenix is a very complicated Expert Advisor. It is based on the number of standard MT4’s indicators (moving averages and envelops) to identify entry and exit points and to determine proper position size.


Nostradamus EA is a conservative trading strategy, that takes the time to find an entry point. It doesn’t use Martingale approach, therefore it is a high yield system with moderate risk. It can increase the size of the trade, however, only if the automated lot calculation is activated in the EA settings, and maximum trade size limit is not set.


Expert adviser Nrtr works on pairs GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY. It use ATR indicator to open trades. Also use Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop


Otkat or Rebound EA is based on intrachannel rebounds trading on up to 1H timeframeThe major requirement to entry the market is that the price is either at the top or bottom level of the current price corridor.


Additionally, this trading robot will increase profitable trades amount, depending on the six months trend. Regardless of long or short positions.


To determine the optimal entry points myfxovereasy Advisor uses its own testimony FXOE-indicators. In the settings advisor you can change the maximum number of open positions and the three-step Trailing Stop. All transactions adviser puts Stop Loss and Take Profit.


MyPickyBreakout is a daily breakout strategy. It will open a long position if the high of the last price bar is greater than the highs of the previous eight bars. Same concept is used for short positions and based on the price minimums.

Night Owl EA 3.02

Night Owl Forex EA Robot includes a number of very advanced features and principles which have been designed to make the most of each trading opportunity whilst avoiding the ”dirty tricks” which many brokers now resort to when a winning strategy is implemented in an automated trading robot. Its working time – Asian session, while the minimum trading activity, therefore EA is a flat scalper.

Momentum Elder

This trading robot is fully indicator, it uses only 2 indicators built into MT4 – Momentum(18) and EMA(19). Trading is conducted on the EUR/USD pair on the h1 timeframe.

Mr Martingale

Here is a list of technical indicators that are used in the EA:

  • Acceleration Oscillator (AC);
  • Accumulation / Distribution Index (A / D);
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI);
  • Bulls Power.

In addition to these indicators Adviser also uses and market volume (Volume). He looks as well as some technical indicators as a histogram, but it does not apply indicators.

In addition to built-in functions, based on technical indicators, the adviser said, how many were closed “bullish” candles, and how much “bear” on the last interval of 16 candles. And if there were more bullish candles, it increases the probability of opening of the transaction to buy if there were more bearish – something for sale.

Just advisor analyzes a longer period in the last 168 closed candles segments 4 candles, in order to determine what traffic on a given interval dominated by ascending or descending.

Another is to clarify that takes into account not only the bullish and bearish candles, but the number of previously opened positions on the purchase and sale. True, this statistic affects the probability of opening one or another position is not uniform, which allows an adviser with time to adjust to the current trading tool.

And it happens in the following way: the point is that some trading instruments are prone to any trends, ie. E. To an increase or a fall. Most often it affects the global trend, if it is up, then a shorter period is likely to be dominated by the rising motion and in time they will last longer. If the global trend is down, the traffic on small time frames will dominate downward.

It is clear that with frequent and prolonged upward movement adviser will often open transactions for the purchase and the longer the trend, the more he will do it. The same will occur over a long downward movement.

After advisor reviewed the recent changes in the market and determine the direction of opened deals, calculated by the method of trading lot Martingale, but the classic version, the increase of the lot is made only after a losing trade, and in this EA is done continuously regardless of the results last trade.

In addition, the advisor periodically not only increases the exhibition 2 times, but also reduces its also 2 times. It depends on the frequency, ie. E. In 8 Advisor built algorithms increase and decrease the trading position, and these algorithms are changed by turns from deal to deal. And sometimes it happens that the amount offered by lots is not increased at all, and it may take a few trades in a row.

mr Martin Gale Update 1

Expert Adviser mrMartinGale is based on martingale system. The expert algorithm has been built on eight signal functions, which work are related on different technical testimony of indicators.

Mr Garlik

The EA’s idea is to filter out all false signals, using only strongly correlated currency pairs. Moreover, the correlation factor might be as positive as negative one.

Ilan 2.0

ilan 2.0 is an indicator based EA. It is monitoring RSI and CCI indicators to open and close trades. This version was optimized for 5min time-frame and for the following instruments: nEUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY и USD/CAD. nMartingale approach is used for money management. Ilan 2.0 will open a trade when nRSI line is exiting the oversold zone, but CCI line remain below the level, that is specified in EA’s settings.


Expert uses two indicators for opening positions – RSI and parabolicSAR with automatically optimization. While trading Expert fix profit and minimize loses by Trailing Stop. Optimal use for currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF. n

MACD Expert

The MACD-Cross EA buys and sells depending on the relationship of the MACD main line to the MACD signal line. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator is a trend following momentum indicator.When the MACD main line crosses above the MACD signal line a buy trade is opened.When the MACD main line crosses below the MACD signal line a sell trade is opened.Note: Trades are closed with a stop or a limit, whose price is defined by the user. All trades open at the close of the current candle. Only one trade at a time is opened, regardless of the number of crossovers that occur.


MACD Pattern expert advisor is a special expert advisor designed to trade on six different MACD patterns. It’s a very complex EA and it employs dozens of various input parameters. MACD Pattern computes stop-loss and take-profit levels based on the previous bars and closes the open positions in fractions.

Golden Profit AUTO

Expert adviser Golden Profit AUTO has been developed on martingale algorithm. This expert uses trading method known as scalping, that possible to trade with any currency pair by using any timeframe period.


The trading system is that it interprets only the last two candles Heiken Ashi, and does not use any sophisticated analysis of the figures.

Ichimoku Chinkou Cross

To generate trading signals it uses the intersection of the line with the price Chinkou. Signals confirm the relative position of the current price and Kumo.


FxbrokerbusterV1.0 is based on trading within the channel. This approach positively affects the stability of the EA, what confirmed by its maximum and the relative drawdown levels.

FXEnforcer V1open

FXEnforcer V1open estimates the volatility on the timeframes M1, M5, M15 and news outlet based on the economic calendar. There will be no trading before and after the strong news for 2 hours. Based on the processed data reveals several orders, usually 2.


GL_2ma is based on moving averages crossing and thanks to its simplicity it can be easily modified, or tuned up if you like. Moving Averages are one of the most popular technical analysis tools in trading.

GMartin Trader

Despite the presence of a high yield potential, start trading data advisor best with the minimum amount of choosing direction fundamentally informed trading.


Fractals Advisor is working by placing pending orders on 3rd and 11th fractals levels. Therefore, if there is a bar with the high price level, that is above the previous and the following bar, it is a 3 tiered fractal. And 11th fractal’s level is when there are 5 bars that are either above or below the current level.


Framework is designed specifically for FX and its strategy is based on crossing of three market indicators (Commodity Channel Index). It is very simple but effective Expert Advisor. n


Expert Advisor «FrBestExp02.7» capable to work automatically on the testimony of a standard indicator of the trading terminal MetaTrader-4, what known as «ATR». Advisor is able to open order only on the condition, that there is no current opened orders. For this reason, it turns out quite a small number of orders.

FX Puria

Expert FX Puria – one of the new multicurrency EAs, designed to work on all major currency pairs. You can safely adjust its settings, adjusting the program’s response to existing market conditions.

Forex Ultimate Bot

Forex Ultimate Bot is different in that it does not deal with scalping, failures which are most commonly associated with the need for rapid response. Also, it is not incorporated Martingale system.

Forex Vzlomshik Pro

This EA is a scalping algorithm, that identifies enter points using three major scalping methods. More importantly, Forex Breaker Pro is a self-adapting, multi-currency robot and always tune itself up for the most optimum trading behaviour. It is also designed that way, so more orders can be placed within the short period of time and positions are getting closed way faster than before.


At the heart of the EA Frac strategy is fractal. To determine the signal to enter the market using the moving average indicator, which helps with the right algorithm almost unerringly to guess the direction of the trend movement, what makes advisor Frac one of the best.

Firebird v63E

This Advisor provides automated trading in the forex market when it is calm and there are no aggressive springs of price. The best time to use Firebird v_63E is at night. Pending orders such as stop-loss are set by expert in the automatic mode, in the range from 31 to 153 pips depending on the size of the transaction. Order such as take-profit is set considerably smaller than the stop-loss and it is from 3 to 11 pips.

FlatStream v2.31

The expert base is a short-term scalping of minor market fluctuations that occur during the completion of the USA session. Trade is conducted by a fixed lot, set manually, and also with the possibility of profits reinvestment enabled feature (proportional increasing of the traded lot to the growth of deposit) by the method of fixed fraction.

Forex Maven

The main advantage of Forex Maven is that expert can do the total analysis of the market condition. Due to this option it is able to trade properly. Another difference is the expert does not use pending orders at all.

Forex Setka Trader 1.6

From the moment EA is launched, it’s looking at the closing price of the last bar. If the bar is “bullish” (closing price is higher that the opening one) it automatically opens long position with the pre-setted Take Profit order. EA never places Stop orders. Instead, it’s monitoring open position and acting accordingly to the market conditions. Basically, if the price is moving into our favor, it will be waiting until Take Profit order is triggered. However, if the price is moving against us, EA will open open additional position in the same direction and for the same amount (double up the existing position). Thus will average the opening price of the whole trade, so it is right in the middle of the two positions.


Fap Turbo is the popular night scalper. The expert’s work is based on iRSI indicators with different periods and the indicator MA. In addition to indicators, filters are used such as for opening time, filters volatility, trend and noise one.

Fast Forex Millions

Fast Forex Millions EA is created by William Morrison, who is very well known for Forex Growth Bot & Million Dollar Pips EAs. Fast Forex Millions is a new version of previously created WinnerH4, which was showing good results and had been enhanced recently by its creator for even better performance.


To determine the entry and exit, FD_ALL_PAIR uses the RSI and WPR – moving averages. Money Management feature allows you to control your balance and get the maximum profit at the same time.

FiddlerEA 1.1

It basically works grida maratingela system. The first anti-T triggers a signal to the market that provides the two exponential moving averages (EMA) is by a trigger. Being a slow exponential moving averages (EMA), the other is the fast exponential moving averages (EMA). Slow AM General direkasana at the market shows. Assists to signal each other.

EA SmartSlyFox

When two positions are opened simultaneously, EA will average down all positions, so when slight price correction occurs, all same-type positions will be closed.

Ema 6.12

The name of the EA is speaking for itself. Adviser EMA is fully based on the Exponential Moving Average. MA is a Technical Indicator that shows instrument’s price value for a certain period of time. As the price changing, its moving average either increases, or decreases as well.

Exp-Phantom v3.1

The following expert Phantom 3.1 for automatic trading is capable of analyzing the constantly varying market conditions by its own, also dealing the trades with the expected payoff more than 91% and 11% as a risk level. Herewith, the expert executes trades not often as two times a week, that makes Phantom 3.1 expert at least one of the less conservative adviser available on the market for now.

Faktor Volatilnosti EA

The best Forex trading strategy is balanced drawing on specific tactics to exploit market volatility and market trend. This strategy generally trades in the direction of the market. As a whole, Volatility Based Trading takes advantage of the prevailing market direction and maximizes profit opportunities while minimizing risk. The strategy routinely delivers profits since most of the trades are in the direction of the major market impulse. Entry and exit points are calculated in mathematical relation to market volatility borders.


Expert Adviser “Dynamic-7” is from among Ilan 7 EAs, where oscillators RSI and CCI remained unchanged. RSI signals are used to open new positions and CCI to close existing ones. Take Profit order will be automatically placed for each position. In case of account drawdown, total position will be averaged by doubling it up, and Take Profit for the desired total profit will be adjusted simultaneously. nPosition averaging is performed accordingly to Martingale strategy, which means that every next order has higher amount than the previous one. There is a special coefficient in the EA’s settings that you can change, however, the smaller the value of such coefficient, the less risk you take.nTrade will be opened only if RSI’s line breaks out from any of zones. Exit from an oversold zone is a signal to buy and vise-versa. nAll trades will be opened by market and limit orders only. EA will establish currency position using limit orders, however, position sizing up will be done by markets orders only.nClosing of all orders is strictly based on CCI oscillator, which has levels in both, negative and positive zones, but the indicator’s line itself is plotted in either direction, depending on the market situation.nFor example, if we have a series of buy orders and CCI’s line goes below the negative level, all position will be closed at the current market price. The same strategy is applied for the opposite situations. n

EA Fox

Advisor simultaneously opens up additional orders. This algorithm is well suited for high volatility currency pairs such as the EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD.


EA is based on Parabolic SAR signals. As soon as the first point appears below or above the High or Low of the current bar, EA will open a trade.

Cobra ver 1.0

Cobra calculates price deviations from its average value trying to sell high during an uptrend and buy low during a downtrend. The expert adviser has flexible settings allowing it to work on any currency pair and timeframe easily.


CrossPoint – Commercial Counsellor of the new generation. The secret “weapon” is an adviser to the ability to accurately determine the moments of reversal and trend change, local or global, and only then enter the market. In addition, it is absolutely self-contained and requires no special configuration to trade. Just install it and make profit! CrossPoint shows a stable result at any time frames, and the number of concurrent open transactions rarely exceed 2-3. This allows you to always keep things under control and change the course of its flow in its sole discretion. Forget about the need to understand the complex logistical and mathematical parameters of robots! Forget about the counselors, who can not sell and correcting mistakes made ​​unprofitable in most cases, the averaging method!


Expert Dolphin has a high yield. Despite its high level of profitability, this expert has reduced risks. The advantage of the expert Dolphin is a full analysis of the state of the market and making informed decisions clearly.

Double Ilan

Double Ilan EA (combines Ilan 1.5 and Ilan 1.6) aims to benefit from short-term trends in the market, and once it detects them, it opens a trade in the direction of the trend. If it’s winning, it’s all nice and fine. If it starts making heavy losses (there is an option in the settings to determine a stop-loss level), then another trade is opened (also in the direction of the trend), with an increased trade contract size, and then the robot awaits for the tide to turn and to reap profits. The strategy based on cumulative positions implies a special algorithm for calculating the open prices of every next trade in a group of trades. Each group of trades is treated as a separate entity, with its own stop-loss and take-profit levels: the trades within it are closed simultaneously.

Bulls V1

Trading system includes:

  • pattern on the chart “inner bar»;
  • «moving averages” – to determine the direction of the trend and trade accordingly;
  • definition of zones “overbought” and “oversold” on the indicator DeMarker;
  • trailing stop for each profitable trade position.

Advisor performs analysis and trading operations in the following order:

  • the robot analyzes the graph in real time and waits for the appearance pattern “inner bar»;
  • further two “moving average» SMA (70) and SMA (14), advisor to determine the presence or absence of an uptrend, by analyzing their relative position, and the line of SMA (14) should be above the SMA (70) and the closing price of the signal candle (inside bar) must also be above the SMA (70);
  • before the actual opening of trading positions, Adviser waiting line the DeMarker enter into their own “oversold»;
  • Then everything is simple, if the transaction is in the lucrative direction adviser first sets breakeven, and then starts trailing stop defined in the settings, but if the deal is in the negative, it is fixed in advance on an established stop-loss, WITHOUT WARRANTY any additional manipulation of the trading position or positions.


Bunny EA is a trading system that identifies current market trend and searching for the right entry point into a trend following trade. As soon as trade is open, “Bunny” will utilize martingale approach to generate profit, following the major trend. It is recommended to use this EA on a flat market when entry points are not certain. Let “Bunny” find them for you.


Calypso is one of the most adaptive Expert Advisors. It represents unique trading algorithm that placing orders and control entire trading process by itself, while substantially reducing the risks of account draining. It is automatically tune to changing market conditions, which significantly widen its range of application. Traders can use it for any currency pair.


Advisor CCI Trader is a scalping EA, that is based on the CCI indicator.nCommodity Channel Index is a technical indicator, that measures commodity pricedeviation to its averaged price. High CCI value is indicating that the price of the commodity is unusually high compare to its average price, and vise-versa.


The main idea of “Boomerang” trading strategy is to identify small profit targets with the following profit taking using Take-Profit orders. One of the major system’s tool, that ensures its profitability is money management. Using this EA you’ll be able to generate profits on the sideways movements and get into trends as they occur.


Trading system breadandbutter, which continuously monitors the movement of the trend and waiting the rollback time for entry into the market. With the help of WPR expert easy determines overbought or oversold in the market during the short-term trading.


Expert Advisor will open long position if the following requirements are met:nn1. MA Long should must be going northn2. Closing price must cross the upper limit of the Bollinger from the bottom upn3. Stop order will be placed at the Bollinger’s bottom border plus reasonble reserve distance.n nSame requirements will apply for short postion, however, in the reverse order.n

Bull Dozer

The strategy is designed to hourly chart EUR / USD and in its basic version uses two EMA with periods of 21 and 70, fast and slow, respectively. Awesome Oscillator indicator has no adjustable parameters and is therefore used as-is.

Advisor Bulldozer opens a deal to buy after the candle closes above the EMA (70), but the line of the EMA (21) is below the slow line. At this point, the indicator bars AO should be green for 8 columns in a row, no less, and the location of these columns with respect to the zero line, it does not matter.

Stop-loss is always installed at the same distance, namely 75 points. If after the deal was open bars AO indicator turn red for 6 pieces in a row, you must close the deal on the market, without waiting for the stop-loss. In addition, the advisor Bulldozer close an open position when a reverse trade signal, in other words, will change position.

In trading strategy Bulldozer are not used take-profit levels, but at a distance of 70 points from the entry point, the adviser covers half of the trading position, while the other half is closed, or the indicator AO or the reciprocal trading signal, or the stop-loss.

bb 0.1

Expert bb 0.1 uses volatility as a filter such a major trigger for entry into the market after the rollback. Expert is provided with protective orders and stop-loss, trailing stop-loss with the self-regulated buffer and the detector signals the bad trade that closes losing trades.


Binario Forex expert advisor is based on the exponential moving averages of the same period but for the different price ranges (high and low). But this expert advisor doesn’t use any buy or sell signal, it simply opens buy and sell position in rotation and modifies their parameters according to the calculated moving averages. It uses a stop-loss and real-time order monitoring to close the positions. Position in the opposite direction is opened right after one is closed.


Trading Strategy of advisor BoliBands & Envelop is based on two indicators: Bolliger Bands and Envelopes. When the bottom line of Envelopes indicator is crossed by the middle line of Bollinger, there is an opening order. Depending on the type of crossing, position is opened either for sale or for purchase.

Avangard 1. 0

The EA Avangard is based on mathematical indicators using the Martingale method for averaging unprofitable trade positions. Avangard uses RSI oscillator to determine the entry points into the market. Closing trades occur on another oscillator CCI. The EA closes trades when the line of CCI indicator exceeds the specified horizontal level. If an open trading position goes negative, the EA Avangard use averaging algorithm. n

Back v1

The EA Back v1 uses buy limit and sell limit orders for trading. At 21:00 server time the Expert put Sell Limit order above opening price for 25 points. Lot size is 5% risk for trade. Expert also put three more Sell Limit order above each other with 5 points distance. The EA make same thing below opening price with Buy Limit orders. Take Profit for all pending orders set at the opening price and Stop Loss is set at a distance of 130 points from the next orders. 2 hours later after installation orders, Stop Loss orders permutated all triggered to breakeven. 4 hours after installation, all is not triggered orders are removed. Settings allow you to turn off the Advisor permutation Stop Loss to breakeven, as well as disable the built-in money management, without which the adviser will put an equal volume of trade orders, set in the same parameters. There you can set as a percentage of risk per trade.


Expert trades on the flat market. For input signals uses the ADX and Bollinger Bands. Closing transactions occur either at Stop loss or take profitBollinger Bands Technical Indicator (BB) is similar to Envelopes. The only difference is that the bands of Envelopes are plotted a fixed distance (%) away from the moving average, while the Bollinger Bands are plotted a certain number of standard deviations away from it. Standard deviation is a measure of volatility, therefore Bollinger Bands adjust themselves to the market conditions. When the markets become more volatile, the bands widen and they contract during less volatile periodsBollinger Bands are usually plotted on the price chart, but they can be also added to the indicator chart (Custom Indicators). Just like in case of the Envelopes, the interpretation of the Bollinger Bands is based on the fact that the prices tend to remain in between the top and the bottom line of the bands. A distinctive feature of the Bollinger Band indicator is its variable width due to the volatility of prices. In periods of considerable price changes (i.e. of high volatility) the bands widen leaving a lot of room to the prices to move in. During standstill periods, or the periods of low volatility the band contracts keeping the prices within their limitsAverage Directional Movement Index Technical Indicator (ADX) helps to determine if there is a price trend. It was developed and described in detail by Welles Wilder in his book “New concepts in technical trading systems”The simplest trading method based on the system of directional movement implies comparison of two direction indicators: the 14-period +DI one and the 14-period -DI. To do this, one either puts the charts of indicators one on top of the other, or +DI is subtracted from -DI. W. Wilder recommends buying when +DI is higher than -DI, and selling when +DI sinks lower than -DITo these simple commercial rules Wells Wilder added “a rule of points of extremum”. It is used to eliminate false signals and decrease the number of deals. According to the principle of points of extremum, the “point of extremum” is the point when +DI and -DI cross each other. If +DI raises higher than -DI, this point will be the maximum price of the day when they cross. If +DI is lower than -DI, this point will be the minimum price of the day they crossThe point of extremum is used then as the market entry level. Thus, after the signal to buy (+DI is higher than -DI) one must wait till the price has exceeded the point of extremum, and only then buy. However, if the price fails to exceed the level of the point of extremum, one should retain the short position.


This EA is fully based on the Alligator indicator. It will open long position when Alligator’s “lip” is above the Alligator’s “teeth” and “teeth” are above the “jaw”. Short position will be opened if Alligator’s readings are in reverse order.


Artigence Expert Advisor uses a very simple simulation of the neural network to give signals to buy / sell. But this neural network has to be optimized to the market by setting the optimal parameters. The perception function uses oscillators acceleration / deceleration by Bill Williams which weighed in accordance with the parameters. Expert Advisor also checks for the presence of free margin to stop trading in the event of bankruptcy.

ATR Traller

Trailing stop is based on the indicator ATR (Average True Range). The direction of the initial position is controlled by an input parameter; each following the direction opposite to the previous one.

3way2win v1

3way2win v1 is the Expert Advisor that trades multiple signals in real-time. It continuously scans the market using its multi-strategy entry systems to find the best entries for profitable trades. Unlike many other systems it is using various, indicators and signals to improve trading. Unlike conventional and risky expert advisors 3way2win v1 is using reliable and more secure higher times frames for its trades (H1) and is highly independent of short term movements.

4hr Trader

Expert’s work is based on a simple method of technical analysis, so it is characterized by high accuracy signals and, therefore, timely entry into the market.


Adjustable MA 3G Forex expert advisor is a highly customizable moving average EA that is based on the custom 3rd Generation Moving Average indicator and the classic cross-of-two-MAs strategy. You can adjust the MA periods, MA method, MA price type, minimum MA difference, stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop, slippage and money management parameters. This expert advisor always opens position on cross and closes it on the next cross (if it wasn’t closed earlier by SL or TP).

Adjustable MA first

Adjustable MA first is a customizable moving average EA that offers flexible tuning of the traditional 2-MA cross strategy. You can set different MA periods, MA types, minimum difference, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop and slippage. This expert advisor always opens position on cross and closes it on the next cross.

2 Sides Stoch

Stochastic has a preset overbought and oversold levels, which are serving as signals to buy or sell. When major indicator’s line crosses one of them, EA shall receive a trade signal.n

nIt is considered, that the price cannot move in the same direction forever, therefore, when Stochastic’s line have crosses one of the levels,nwe can safely assume that the market is about to reverse. However, we never know when it will happened exactly. For this reason, 2Sides_Stoch uses Martingale’s approach to ensure the position maintaining according to the signal and to keep position opening price at the appropriate level by averaging/sizing up in case of temporary continuation of the current trend. n

nMoreover, this EA has built-in order filter, that helps it to identify orders, which were placed manually and which were placed by the EA “it’s own”. Importantly, some of the orders, that are matching trading parameters programmed in the EA, will be considered as “its own” by the EA. That may help to recover all possible losing trades, opened by the trader, as EA will manage them as well using the same working principle.n

nThe amount of BUY and SELL orders is displayed in the INFO section and it’s show how many orders EA will consider as “its own”. nTherefore, it one of the orders got executed, it is due to one of the following reasons:
n1. The number of pending orders was 0 and EA has executed an order based on the Stochastic signal. ;
n2. The number of orders placed in the same direction was greater than o and EA has executed an order on the preset distance “Step” from the last opened order in the same direction.

3MA Signal1

EA 3MA Signal1 based on an analysis of the intersection of three Moving Average lines. Arrows indicate signals on the position opening in one direction or another. 3_MA_Signal1 opens buy position when all of three Moving Average increase and sell position when all of them decrease. Closing of the position depends on parameter Exit_Signal_MA_Summ. If it is equal 1 then Expert will close position as soon as one of Moving Average change direction against open position. If the parameter is equal 2 then Expert will close position as soon as two of Moving Average change direction against open position. If the parameter is equal 3 then Expert will close position as soon as two of Moving Average change direction against open position.


Forex Advisor 2Alir works on the basis of the indicator Parabolic Sar. Advisor performs trading, tracking the low and high prices in the trend.