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We strive to improve the quality of both personal life
and the service that we provide
That is why the efforts of the professional team are concentrated on the search for innovative solutions and the introduction of new technologies. Due to the high quality standard, AMarkets customers from all over the world receive the best trading conditions.
Alpha (α)
A symbol of leadership and perfection in our quest for sustainability, service excellence and outstanding results.
By using only advanced, high-end technologies, we provide innovation combined with practical execution.
An exciting environment of financial markets takes you on an emotional roller coaster.
For more than 10 years of work, we’ve gained vast, extensive experience, and worked out a qualified approach to the execution of services.
Being accountable to our customers, making sure that they are happy with our products and services, putting their interests first - is our number one priority.
We are a Company with actual physical presence, registered offices and real people.

Company History
Providing brokerage services in the CIS countries, Asia and Europe, AMarkets focuses on offering high-quality services and comprehensive support to its clients and partners. Our professional team is committed to finding innovative solutions and introducing new technologies so that AMarkets clients from all over the world could get the best trading conditions. Our experts take an active part in various industry conferences and events, where they discuss trends and prospects of financial markets.

Currently, AMarkets has 2 offices in Montenegro and Armenia
and serves more than

Clients worldwide
250 000
Clients worldwide

Protecting Your Funds
AMarkets pays serious attention to the safety of clients’ funds.

We keep all clients’ funds separate from the company’s operating accounts
and diversify Company’s assets among reliable global banks

The Financial Commission

AMarkets is a Member of the Financial Commission, which settles disputes between financial market participants, and provides protection for each of our clients with the Commission’s compensation fund, for up to 20,000 EUR per case.


The financial credibility of AMarkets was verified by Ernst & Young, an international auditing company and a member of the “Big Four”. In this industry, this is an unprecedented step toward openness and transparency of a broker’s activity, which aims to officially confirm the financial stability of AMarkets, its careful safekeeping of clients’ funds, and absolute willingness to execute any fund withdrawal request from clients.